LED Roof Star Night Lights Projector

LED Roof Star Night Lights Projector

LED Roof Star Night Lights Projector

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Is your car boring? It does not have to be!

Our Mini LED Car Roof Star Nigh Light is the perfect entertainment light for your car. Great to entertain you or your children. Wonderful to set a romantic mood in the car for you and your special someone. Great just as a fun light in the car.


  • [Improve Romantic Mood] Can be used in the house to help that romantic mood. Lower the lights and turn the music on and turn on our night light projector and enjoy the mood.
  • [Colors for the the right activity] Chose either Violet blue and or Red for what ever activity you are having. Great fun light for everyone in the family.
  • [Portable] With only 215 mm length, this is an excellent Projection lamb that can be carried anywhere. All you need is a power source that has a USB port.

 Our LED Roof Star Night Lights Projector is the best gift for a friend or family for many reasons as mentioned above. You can also use the LED Roof Star Night Light for yourself as a meditation tool. Turn it on for a relaxing atmosphere where you can take time and recharge after your busy day.

Kids difficult in the car? We got you!

Our LED Roof Star Night Lights Projector can keep your kids districted when it is on, as this can help them relax leaving you to focus on the road.

Package Contains:

Type: LED Roof Lights Projector Quantity: 1PC

Material: alloy

Power: 1 W

Current: 1 A

Color: Violet blue and or Red 

Voltage: 5 V

Size: about 20cm


Questions and Answers

Q: Is this safe to use?

A: This LED Roof Lights Projector is very safe to use. So you can be at ease using it.

Q: How many comes in the package?

A: We ship one item in the package, If you order more than one, we may ship more than one in the package.